What is Good Dry Skin Care Relief?

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Many people struggle with dry skin, especially when they are exposed to the warm and cold weather. I know that I have issues with dry skin during the winter time. So below, I have listed a couple different brands to try and help with your dry skin care.

Cetaphil — I have used this before and I've been told that it's actually really good. I did not actually think it was that great. I had a hard time with it because it actually made my face dryer. Though this can act as a great moisturizer if you have the right skin for it.

Eucerin — This is a daily moisturizer that you could use. I've actually heard that it really helps with your skin. And I've also heard that it helps to fight acne, which is a plus! Especially since it is dermatologist recommended.

Olay — Now they have some really good products that I love. They have good dry skin care products that I would totally recommend. I use the Daily Face cloths that they actually work really well. I normally use them when I am on a trip so then that way I don't have to use a washcloth. I would recommend these though if you are looking for something that will help with the dry skin. They also have some amazing moisturizers that I would recommend trying.

Some Tips for Reducing Dry Skin:

Try not to shower with water that is really hot, especially when it is cold out. The hot water really takes a toll on your skin. Also, make sure that you are not spending a ton of time in the shower, about 5-10 minutes will be enough. If you spend too much time in the shower then it can result in your skin becoming even more dry.

Also when taking off makeup or even using a cleanser to wash your face, blot your face. Don't scrub! I can not stress this enough to people that I know. I know that many of us have the habit of doing this, I know I do, sometimes. This is a totally a no no though. You don't want to do that because for starters it's not good for your skin and can irritate it more, but it also helps to dry out your face.

When you're done with your shower you should also put on some sort of moisturizer as soon as your are done. That way you face will have time to soak it up. You should also try to you some sort of ointment rather than a lotion. The reason being that this can cause serious irritation to your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. This will also help because you want to make your moisturizer is completely dry before you apply makeup.

When it is cold outside try to not sit in front of the fireplace, as it is dry and can help to dry out you skin. Or in some cases can cause your skin to become more oily. You also should try not to sit into front space heaters or any other thing that will produce heat. It is not good for your face at all.

These are just some tips for dry skin. I know that for awhile I had issues with dry skin especially when I was using ointment for my dermatologist, it would really dry my skin out. There are many ways that you can fix your dry skin though. If all else fails, and none of these ideas work then I would suggest going to your dermatologist and asking them for something that can help with your dry skin. That way you may also be able to get a quicker way to rid your dry skin.

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