What are Some Homemade Skincare Recipes I Can Make With Ingredients in My Kitchen?

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There are numerous reasons to consider making skincare products and masks at home from natural ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. First, many store-bought solutions contain harsh chemicals that irritate and agitate delicate facial skin. Also, I know from experience that sensitive skin is extremely vulnerable to allergic reactions that can result from using certain products; this is true of even the most gentle or mild cleansers that may not have an effect on other women.

In addition, store-bought products can be extremely expensive, especially name-brand or department store items. Being frugal as I am, I cannot justify the hundreds of dollars every year that I might be spending on the products that shape my regular skincare routine.

One humanitarian reason for concocting your own skincare recipes is that you can be absolutely certain you are not using products that have been tested on animals. Though many companies clearly state that their production process does not include trials of their formulas on animals, others do not. The ingredients you have at home, in your pantry or refrigerator, are safe enough to eat and no animals have suffered horrific testing.

With all of these considerations in mind, I have researched and developed homemade skincare recipes that benefit all types of skin, yet will not break the bank.

One anti-aging mask that I use regularly functions as a natural facelift to rejuvenate and tighten skin, and minimize fine facial lines. First, I separate two eggs and save the whites for another use (hint: an egg white omelet makes a healthy, lean protein breakfast!). Next, I whisk the two egg yolks until well combined, and then add one rounded teaspoon of granulated sugar. After mixing these two simple ingredients together, I apply the mask evenly over my face and relax for about 25 minutes. Removal is easy with a warm washcloth.

For those with acne or frequent breakouts, there is a simple mask that uses aspirin to produce an anti-inflammatory effect without harsh chemicals. You must use aspirin, and not acetaminophen or ibuprofen. I will point out that aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. A similar chemical, salicylic acid, is used in many store-bought acne products. For this mask, you simply crush four or five tablets into a powder; then, add enough water to make a fine paste. I find that a mortar and pestle set is useful for this preparation. You may apply to the face for about 15 minutes, or until it starts to dry. Then, simply rinse off with lukewarm water.

Another of my homemade skincare recipes that utilizes an ingredient you may have on hand is a soothing mask of one item: avocado. Mashed up and massaged onto to the face, an avocado paste is great for dry skin. Also, two parts witch hazel and one part apple cider vinegar make a gentle facial toner.

Finally, one of my favorites, and a very popular choice for tired eyes, is a treatment of cucumber slices placed over the eyes. This reduces puffiness from too much salt or caffeine, or from too little sleep.

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