Is your skincare the right fix for dehydrated skin?

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Dehydrated skin, not to be confused with dry skin, should be in a category of its own. Instead, it is tagged onto dry skin or sometimes, sensitive skin as an afterthought. But essentially, the fix for dehydrated skin isn't easy, as it does need special care. Most of the skincare products available today boldly state they are especially formulated for dry or combination/oily skin and there is few that seem to target dehydration.

Dehydrated skin is typically surface-dry and is not true dry skin. Dry skin is in need of natural oil, dehydrated skin is need of moisture or water. It will feel taut or rough and will pull with expression. But ironically it is usually those with oily and/or combination skin who have the greater dehydration problem, as it is often caused by over-stripping the surface oils with vigorous cleansing, scrubbing and toning. These practices will not only create dehydrated skin, it also will make the skin more sensitive as it strips the surface oils and irritates.

There are many other factors that will contribute to dehydrated skin, including extreme heat, wind or cold and/or excessive alcohol, smoking, or an insufficient intake of daily water.

However, there is good news. Dehydrated skin is, or at least should be, temporary. It is a condition, not a type- like oily or dry skin. This doesn’t mean that once treated, it will be gone. The person will always have a predisposition for dehydrated skin but happily, once they have the right fix for dehydrated skin, life should be good.

Skincare for dehydrated skin

The obvious aim in treating dehydrated skin is to hydrate it. This isn’t as simple as it sounds. A specific type of product is needed for each skin type. The individual will first need to know which skin type they have: Is it combination/oily, oily or dry and is it sensitive? Remember, sensitive skin is also a condition which can affect both oily and dry skins.

“Hydrating” and “hydration” are the operative words when buying products for dehydrated skin. This is the only solution for dehydrated skin.If the complexion is combination/oily, the moisturizers or day and night creams should be hydrating and oil-free.

And if the complexion is dry, the moisturizers should be first and foremost hydrating. And an added bonus is that often with dry skin, once the skin is hydrated, the once-believed-condition of ‘dryness’ immediately disappears.

Cleansers and toners

When buying a cleanser for dehydrated oily/combination skin the product should be targeted specifically for that skin type but should not over-strip the skin. As mentioned before, this is the precise cleansing faux pas that may have contributed to the dehydrated condition in the first place. Plus, it will actually stimulate the skin into being more oily!

Exfoliators should be used sparingly- not more than three times per week.The toner for oily skin should be PH balancing and clarifying but not necessarily astringent.

For dry and dehydrated skin, the cleanser should me softening and slightly moisturizing, with mild cleansing agents. A cleansing cream is a good way to go. Toners for dry skin should restore PH balance and prepare the skin for the hydrating moisturizer to come.

Once the correct products are implemented, your skin should have a subtle glow and feel plump and supple, the way nature intended it to be.

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