What is the best organic skin care regimen for combination skin?

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In a world of bottles and tubes filled with unpronounceable ingredients knowing what's right for combination skin can be a challenge. Many people go through life trying to find the best regimen for their skin without realizing that the harsh chemicals in a lot of skin care may actually be causing their problems.

The solution may be to get away from the chemicals in most products and switch to an organic skin care regimen. This has worked wonders for me. As someone who went through my teens and early twenties with skin issues such as acne, dull skin, and clogged pores, taking a natural approach has completely changed my skin and the way I view organic skin care.

I used to use a multitude of chemical laden products on my face daily to combat my problem skin. I used various face washes, serums, creams, and facial scrubs all in the pursuit of perfect skin. The results were sometimes good and sometimes not. I'd have the skin I wanted for a week or two, only to have an acne breakout or dry patches show up. I believe part of this was from the mixture of chemicals I was putting on my face. I would wash with chemicals, then apply a serum with chemicals, and a moisturizer with even more chemicals! At the time I didn't think of it, but the more products I used the more toxins I was actually putting on my face to be absorbed into my body and cause even more problems.

Then I was given a challenge - use only natural products on my face for an entire week. This included an olive oil soap, facial serum, facial scrub containing kaolin clay powder, and passion fruit oil as a moisturizer. At first I was unsure that this would work - how could something with so few ingredients give me the results I wanted? However, within 3 days of switching to organic skin care I was hooked! The olive oil soap, containing only 4 ingredients, cleansed and soothed my skin without being drying or causing the tightness that other cleansers I'd tried had. It removed all traces of my makeup gently and without scrubbing.

The facial serum, a mixture of natural oils great for combination and sensitive skin, gave my skin a healthy glow and the moisture that I needed during the day without causing a greasy shine. The natural facial scrub containing kaolin clay powder and lemon peels buffed away the dull flaky skin and left a beautiful smooth canvas and healthy glow. Finally the passion fruit oil used nightly provided intense moisture and helped heal the acne and red spots from past acne.

Within just a few days time I noticed that my skin was clear, healthy, and glowing as it had never before when I used skin care with harsh unnatural ingredients. Organic skin care also naturally contains anti-aging ingredients, so it's great for people of any age to start combating wrinkles and dull skin. For combination or sensitive skin I believe that a natural regimen is definitely worth looking into.

My favorite brand is Natural Bliss, a company that makes their products by hand and using only the best natural ingredients. The price is less expensive than most skin care containing chemicals and the products work wonders. If you're thinking about switching to organic skin care, take the one week challenge as I did and see the difference it makes in your skin!

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