What is Skins Best Defense for Combating Winter Dryness?

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We have all battled dry skin at one time or another. Whether it were from hormonal disruptions, genetics, or simply the seasons playing havoc on our precious bodies, we have all felt the effects of dry skin. Itchy, flaky, patches of unsightly skin red with irritation screaming out for the hydration it so desperately needs...not something we are going to be out flaunting by any means. Winter above all the other times of year seems to cause the most disruption to our poor bodies. Red noses and cheeks, rough dry fingers and hands. Some poor souls getting to the painful point of even having their skin crack and bleed.

Well, enough is enough! We no longer need to suffer year after year combating Winter dryness with heavy products that refuse to work. Or fall under defeat of age and changing hormones sucking the very youth and hydration from our skin. Dryness is one of the fastest ways to aging the skin next to sun damage. Without proper hydration your skin will age significantly showing fine lines and wrinkles. People who live in naturally humid climates age more gracefully than those of us who live in drier climates. However, don't let those of you who don't live in nice humid areas be discouraged. There is an answer to your suffering!

Let's talk about the body specifically for a moment. The skin on the body can tolerate a much thicker consistency than the face. When talking about skin care I tend to lean more towards the organic side whenever I can. There are times when our skin needs more active products to achieve the desired results and can benefit from more aggressive products however when speaking strictly hydration going natural is the sweet spot. For the body Vegetable Glycerin is my go to product. Glycerin has a unique ability to draw moisture out of the air and pull it back into our skin tissue which is exactly what we are needing! Made 100% from plants you can't go wrong with this product. It has a slightly thicker consistency which makes it not the best for use on the face. I have found it best to use directly after a shower or bath when there is some moisture left on the skin to help with rubbing it in. You can find Vegetable Glycerin at most of your natural grocery stores at a very affordable cost.

Okay, now what I know your all more concerned about...your face! Don't worry I have just the thing! When dealing with the skin on the face it can get a bit tricky. There's various skin types to consider and people care about the way their faces look a lot more since this is the first thing we see when we look at each other. When discussing combating Winter dryness for your face I have two go to products that I use. They may shock you! Both of them are oils!! I know, I know, putting oil on your face my seem a bit counter intuitive but bear with me for a second. My first oil is Jojoba oil it is the closest thing to your own natural oils produced by your skin. So when talking about dryness what better way to combat dryness than to re-hydrate your face with exactly what its missing. My second go to oil is Grapeseed oil. This amazing oil not only hydrates the skin but it also has anti-aging properties as well by helping to tighten and tone the skin so that's a big win in my eyes. Both of these oils are light weight non-clogging oils that will not cause the skin to break out. Think soft supple not oily greasy with these oils. Now a little bit does go a long way so dabbing a few drops onto your fingertips and massaging into your face and neck will be plenty. After a week you will not only feel the difference but you will see the difference in your skin.

It's really that easy to combat Winter time dryness or any type of dryness for that matter. By replacing the skins hydration and helping to get your oil production back on track your skin will be glowing in no time!

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