Which brand of nail polish or lacquer is best for natural nails?

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It may seem difficult to determine which brand of nail polish or lacquer is best for natural nails clients. There are plenty of nail polish or lacquer brands available today and it can be quite overwhelming trying to determine which ones are worth your money.

Among the highly recommended professional lines are: OPI, Essie, and Orly. However, be mindful that non professional lines geared toward a general consumer can produce wonderful results as well, such as: Sally Hansen, Revlon, and Mayybelline. Most brands now are formaldahyde and toulene-free but check the packaging to make sure. You may also opt to purchase a base coat and top coat by the same manufacturer.

It is not really necessary to use all of the same brand to ensure great results but many nail polish and/or lacquer companies will suggest that the consumer do so. If you are looking for nail polish that lasts, make sure that you prep the nail bed, and follow the manufacturers directions. A helpful tip for chip-free nails is to also follow up your polish with a fresh clear top coat every other day for approximately 7-10 days. Natural nails can enjoy the same long lasting results that artificial nail wearers have if a few simple rules are followed.

At home instructions for nail polish or lacquer application

1) wash hand thoroughly 2) use acetone-based polish remover to remover old polish and to cleanse the nail plate 3) shape and buff nails lightly 4) recleanse nail plate again with remover to remove dust, and any oils from nails 5)cleanse nails, using a lint free wipe or paper towel saturated in alcohol

6) make sure nail plate is completely dry and apply base coat 7) apply two coats of nail polish or lacquer of choice, try to wait at least two minutes between coats to insure a smooth finish 8) apply top coat 9) wait at least two more minutes and condition cuticles with cuticle oil. 10) allow your nails at least 30 minutes or more to dry. Use the above instructions for fingernails as well as toenails.

Other brands to consider are: NYC, Creative (professional), Chanel, and Cover Girl. Make sure you store you polish at room temperature and keep out of extreme heat as this will compromise the integrity of the nail polish and/or lacquer. Prior to opening your nail polish and/or lacquer, roll it between you hands for approximately thirty seconds, do not shake the bottle (this causes bubbles in the polish). Healthy nails are also a key component in creating dazzling digits with nail polish and/or lacquer.

Remember, your nails aren't tools, so refrain from using them to open canned beverages and the like. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your nails and to keep them from becoming brittle. Take a multivitamin daily and keep your nails polished at all times to prevent them from being exposed to harsh detergents and too much water which can ultimately weaken and damage your nails. Lastly, moisturize your cuticles daily, it is imperative to condition your cuticles with a cuticle oil to keep the nail matrix healthy!

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