What are Vegan or Organic Makeup Options for Women of Color?

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For many years there weren't many cosmetics options available for Women of Color. Finding vegan or organic makeup that performed well was a rarity. Thankfully, there are many more companies concerned with what we put on our skin and are interested in including women in all shades. Here are some of my favorite eco-friendly beauty brands that offer a full range of products.

Foundation - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Vapor Organics and 100 Percent Pure offer foundation options from sheer to full coverage. Vegan OCC Cosmetics has a skin Tint along with a cream concealer that doubles as foundation. 100% Pure offers tinted moisturizer and liquid foundation that is colored with fruit and vegetable pigments, is vegan, and gluten free. Vapor Organic Beauty is 70% certified organic and offers liquid and stick foundation options.

Blush - EccoBella is organic, vegan, talc-free, and fragrance and comes in recycable packaging. The blush is very pigmented and a little goes a long with way. Tarte offers vegan cheek powder and cheek tint options in pink to give a flirty flush to the skin. Larenim is one is one of the cleanest mineral makeup around; it contains no talc, gluten, oils, petro chemicals, FD & C dyes or gluten. The pigment rich blushes will give a rich glow to golden skin.

Lips - Ilia lipsticks combine organic ingredients with natural dyes for collection of lipsticks that look great on all skin tones. Organic RMS Beauty lip shines feed the lips with Coconut Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter and provide a touch of shine. Safe enough to eat, Bite Beauty has lipsticks, balms and glosses sure to feed every lipstick palette and even has a beauty lab where you can create your own lip colors!

Eye shadow - All Natural Afterglow Cosmetics loose eye shadows and Organic Infused Color Lock insure that none of these rich pigments will crease or fade. Infused with Jojoba oil, organic Nvey Eco shadows nourish your lids and provides versatile looks with buildable color. Illuminare Cosmetics cream shadows are vegan and gluten free, has spf 15 sun protection and are water resistant. They can be used with other powder shadows and make a great shadow base.

Mascara/Lashes - All great Makeup looks aren't complete without great mascara or false lashes Georgie Beauty has a vegan and PETA certified lash glue with that is safe for the most sensitive eyes. 100 Percent Pure has the best natural mascara out there and it is smudge and water resistant. It creates a lushes lash without clumping and comes in four fruit pigmented colors! Made with organic ingredients, Lavera Volume Mascara defines the lashes without the use of heavy metals or parabens. Infused with organic Arctic Blueberry Oil, Lumene Curling Mascara lightly lifts and conditions the lashes. The formula leaves the lashes looking natural and glossy and comes in regular and waterproof formulations.

Do you have favorite vegan or organic makeup products that you would like to share? I would love to hear about them!

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