What are the best eyeshadows for brown eyes?

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So you weren't born with show stopping baby blues? Or sultry green stunners? You think you're doomed to a lifetime of accentuating your lips or cheeks because your brown eyes cant possibly garner any attention? Well, you are absolutely incorrect, pretty lady! I am going to let you in on a few eyeshadow tricks that will have all your light eyed friends green or blue or hazel...? With envy! Makeup is an art and among other things, eyeshadow is a medium. There is certainly a reason why cosmetic companies make millions of dollars each year and that's because we love to look pretty, sassy and sometimes a bit sexy! Whatever look is your goal, it's quite possible to achieve and its all at your fingertips.

My all-time favorite, hands down addicted,"cant get enough of" product is eyeshadow! I have a multitude of different colors, brands and formulas. I simply can not get enough! Throughout my makeup journey, I have found a few tips that work for me and because I love you so much, I'm going to share them with you.So, if you're like me and were born blessed with boring, brown eyes you have probably gone to a cosmetics counter knowing you want something spectacular. Only to walk away with your dreams crushed when the Makeup artist throws on some crazy eyeshadow colors all the while telling you "these colors are fierce, they are totally working for you!" Then you look in the mirror and realize you look like Bobo the clown or Rocky the raccoon and glance at the bag full of makeup you just spent too much money on shaking your head in disgust.

STOP! I'm going to tell you the best eyeshadows for brown eyes! These shades are going to totally change the way you feel about your eye color, you'll find yourself walking a little taller with your head a little higher and perhaps even a bit of "strut" in your step. Believe it or not, the best eyeshadows for brown eyes are purples, pinks and blues. No, you arent going to look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show or like you walked straight out of a video from the 1980's, these shades and techniques work! First I will give you a few product ideas, then I will get in to how apply them for maximum pop and payoff.

There are so many companies that make ideal eyeshadow shades for dark or brown eyes. A few I have used are Bobbi Brown Rose Gold, Nars duo in Charade, MAC shadow in Plum Dressing, Stars and Rockets, Paradisco, Fig 1, Aquadisiac, Deep Blue and Urban Decay shadow in Junkshow, Woodstock and Blue Bus to name a few. However, there are TONS of brands for every price range available. You also want to invest in a good "highlighter" color. MAC's Vanilla, Hush or Brule are gorgeous as is the All About Eve duo from Nars.

The technique is rather simple, pick a shade range you like, for example, purples. You will need a dark purple, a medium purple (a few shades lighter than the dark) a light purple and your highlight color. Simply do a wash of color over the eyelid in the lightest purple shade stopping at the area where your eye creases when you blink. Then, take your medium purple and blend that shade in to that crease, just above where you stopped the light color shadow. Use back and forth or "windshield wiper" motions through the crease of your eye, blending the light and medium shades together. Adding the medium color will add depth to the look.

Then take your dark shadow, using a small tapered brush and apply the darkest color only to the outer corner of your eye. This will add drama and sultriness to the over all look. Lastly, you want to apply your highlight color to your brow bone, just beneath the highest point in the arch of your brow. This step allows you to blend out any harsh edges of color and "marries" the purples to the highlight shade to give you a gradient look. The outcome is an absolutely stunning look, making those brown eyes pop with color and appear larger.

A few tips to remember, if your eyelids are oily, you will want to apply an eyeshadow bas; this will help the colors stay put. When using dark shadow, less is more, its much easier to add dark then to blend it away. And finally, blend, blend, blend! That's the key to pulling off any color shadow look. You can use the above steps with any shades of shadows you like, pinks, greens and of course greys and blacks for the ever famous "smokey eye"

So now, go rummage through your makeup stash, find some shadows and go to town! Have fun with it! Strut your sass and bat your lash!

"And remember, it's only makeup"- Kevin Aucoin

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