What are some haircut and color ideas for fine straight hair?

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Every stylist has had the challenge of satisfying a client with fine straight hair.

"It just won't do anything!"

"My style won't last"

"I just have the worst hair"

Let's start at the top - Accept your texture. You need to embrace your hair and learn to love it for what it is. Unfortunately chemical texture services tend to ravage this type of hair and it doesn't hold up well to over processing with color services.

Your cut is very important. Choose a style with very long layers to create a bit of movement and you're not going to want to let the length grow much longer than a few inches past your shoulders. Like I mentioned above, your hair damages easily and environment coupled with styling routine tends to show visible damage on your texture when it grows past that length. I recommend bangs because it adds a lot of style without too many layers which can also make the hair appear thinner. A bob is also an excellent choice for this type of hair texture. Again opt for long layers in the bob to create a bit of movement and steer clear of too much graduation. If you're feeling bold why not go for that pixie? This is where you can have the most fun with style and layers. Haircut and color ideas need to respect the integrity of your texture. You will never achieve a fashionable look working against it and fine hair needs to be loved, so using a drop of conditioner on the ends will help keep it in good condition.

On longer lengths of fine hair i think blond highlights work best because they create the illusion of contrasting depth which helps add a look of fullness to your hair. If your trying to create an interesting look why not go red? With fine hair it's often difficult to get that head turning style with a cut but thats never the case with a red head. Have your stylist help you choose the right shade of red to compliment your eye color and skin tone. There are shades from dark auburn to strawberry blond so I think it makes your trip to the salon more fun and exciting.

Most importantly have fun with your beauty and embrace yourself. Hair is only one element of your overall style and look. Fashion and beauty magazines can be a source of inspiration. Find an overall look that speaks to you and adapt it to suit your assets so you can feel confident walking out of the house everyday. Haircut and color ideas should make you look forward to your next visit to the salon not worried about the outcome, which is why finding a stylist you connect with is so important. He or she is there to help you visualize your look and the proper stylist for you will understand subtle elements of what you are trying to achieve. People tend to dismiss hair and fashion as shallow but they give people confidence and with confidence we can accomplish anything, no?

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