How can I create a neutral eyeshadow look like Mila Kunis' makeup?

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Mila Kunis has some of the most beautiful eye makeup in Hollywood, and she so often pulls it off with simple neutral colors that accentuate her features. Who doesn't want to look effortlessly beautiful? Neutral colors can be playful or subtle, and create infinite looks for any gal on any occasion.

Let's start with the basics: A good base. To get good wear out of your eyeshadow you'll always want to prime your eyes with a good adhesive base that will help your look last all day and night. Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance are among the best to do the trick. Once you have a base applied the fun starts!

What kind of look are you going for, evening or daytime look? How about both! We'll describe a neutral eyeshadow look that you can easily change from day to night with just a couple extra touches when night falls.

Start by choosing 3 or 4 of your favorite colors that range from a light highlighter to a smoky deep brown or even black. You'll use these colors to accentuate the natural curves of your eyes, and to exaggerate the angle of your eyes. Getting the right angle is the trick to making your eyes appear larger, more open, and can give you a dramatic or even a sweet date night look. Play with these angles when you have the time and you'll see your eyes change right before you!

Let's open up your eyes first by applying the lightest color from your picks. We're going to apply this color to your inner corners and sweep just below your eyebrows..can you see your eyes brighten up already? Choose your next lightest color and we're going to apply that right in the center of your eyelid, covering about 50% of your lid, but centered. The next darkest color you'll apply on the outer edge of your eye, working with the angle that you choose. If you use a very low angle, almost straight from the edge of your eye; you'll create a very dramatic elongated eye that can make your eyes look bigger and further apart. If you use a higher angle, tracing toward the edge of your eyebrow, you'll create a look that is more wearable and work safe, accentuating your natural beauty.

Once you have these colors on your eye we want to blend blend blend. Take your clean brush and sweep between the lighter and darker colors using a windshield wiper motion. Do this all over the eye between each color until you have a smooth transition from one color to the other. You should notice that your eye looks more defined, but with these neutral colors(browns, roses, taupes, and greys) your makeup looks effortless and accentuates your own features. Finish off your look with your favorite mascara, and if you're a gal who can't live without eyeliner, apply to your heart's content.

When the sun goes down and you have a hot date or fancy schmancy dinner to head out to, you can easily add to this look to kick it up a notch. What you'll need is your darkest color from your earlier eyeshadow picks, and a dark eyeliner of your choice. What you can do here is build up some dark color around the outer third of your upper lashes to add drama, and make your eyes appear even larger still! Apply the eyeliner thickest at the outer edge, tapering to a thinner line as your approach the mid eye. If you're feeling bold you can even flick the edge out a bit into a cat eye. Take the dark eyeshadow color and smudge it into the small gap right at your lashes covering any skin your eyeliner may have missed.

Now back up from the mirror and take a look at that beautiful lady! You should see your natural features accentuated, and a nice warm blended, neutral eyeshadow look. Practice this technique and you'll find it can be used with a variety of color choices, and play with that angle to change up your look.

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