What is the current celebrity nail trend of 2012?

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Summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner. And as much as pretty pastels, warm corals and color stopping neon’s had our attention its once again time for new color schemes and classic tones. As always when looking for the latest celebrity nail trends stars like Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad, Rihanna are always the front runners for current fads in colors and designs.

Eccentric nail art, bold designs, decals of every kind, faded out and crackle splattered on textures are all making a scene on some of today’s most glamorous hands of our fave celebrities. Black crackle nail polish with your signature color of choice is always a favorite even for Lucy Hale of Pretty little liars who was sporting this look at a nylon party. The ombre nail look was seen on Lauren Conrad’s hand if the faded color effect isn’t to your liking you can always opt for simple but cute nail decals like the ones Zooey Deschanel sported at the critics’ choice awards those sparkly bows and neutral shade of mellow yellow had a classic yet flirty appeal.

If you’re feeling abit more daring then perhaps a Minx manicure like the ones Rihanna and Katy Perry sport often are more to your liking. Too expensive? Nail rock foils and sally Hansen can be your solution as they carry a wide assortment of fun designs to choose from. If the minx mani isn’t your cup of tea you can be like Blake Lively and instead use lace appliques.

If a more subtle approach is more your style you can always try a simple yet classic look like the ones Jessica Alba and Ginnifer Goodwin have been wearing lately creamy soft hues of beige, blue or pink. These colors are not so over the top but yet are still feminine in their own right. French manicures are still and always be in style but with a twist the classic has been getting a makeover of sorts lately. Emma Stone and Kim Kardashian have both been spotted wearing red nails with gold tips.

Metallic shades are making a comeback as well. The ever favorite copper and silver colors have been making their way on to hands of Busy Phillips and Taylor Swift. If you want something unique and different maybe try a quirky style like Katherine Heigl’s retro half-moon design. Or Try Jessica’s Biel Sliver tip nails she proudly showed off at the total recall premier. Still feeling adventurous? Take a cue hue from Even Rachel Woods who boldly shows off her holographic magnetic nails you can achieve the same look from Orly or Hasen magnetic nail polish.

With so many colors, patterns, let alone different styles and designs it’s always going to be a win/win choice for you. And as always if you can’t make a decision on which route to take, just look to your favorite actress she’s sure to have a winning inspired celebrity nail trend for you to try out enjoy and have fun at.

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