Where do I find the best beauty deals in the city?

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There are plenty of ways to save money on your beauty necessities. Where else do you have major bargain websites that give you the best beauty deals in the city, like groupon, livingsocial, kgbdeals, pinchit, trubates, goldstar and bloomspot just to name a few?

At first glance, one would see the value in the great deals coming through your computer screen screaming; Buy! Buy! Buy! And it is, in fact, a huge savings to utilize these sites. Deals are anywhere from 50% to 80% off the regular price. Haircuts with Lulu for 60% off, $90 worth of highlights at Salon HipsterCuts for $40, Mani/Pedi combo for $25. Try us now! Click! Click! Click!

And so it begins. The cycle that causes all the surrounding competition to reduce their price as well. There’s one click, then five clicks. Multiply that by a few hundred and now there is a satisfactory amount of happy customers able to afford a facial, massage, color or highlights that they would have otherwise waited on.

Now let’s look at the business who offered this beauty deal. Said salon realizes they do not know how they are going to accommodate 500 people in their chairs in the next few weeks that have just signed up for their $40 service. They also realize that yes they just offered their services online at half price or even less. And, yes, they did have to cut whatever money is made in half when they forked that over to the deal site they used to catapult the offer (so $20 per purchase). Next, the poor soul who gives you that beauty service only gets commission on the half of the half that the store really receives for this ad, if that much at all. Clear as mud, right?

In the end, it was their choice to make the deal. So, has anyone asked this simple question: If salons are competing so hard for your money, how are they going to survive knowing what they will make from this transaction? And when all the competition is doing the same type of deal, other salons are now forced to match the price in order to stay on top of the market. Would it make sense to say that these salons are struggling? They will not profit from this (after expenses are accounted for) and eventually it will cause the entire industry to lose workers, it will cause shops to close down, and it will de-value the work people in the beauty industry do. But we as consumers drive these lower prices by buying the best beauty deals in the city.

It is therefore left up to you, the intelligent consumer, to decide if in the long run this is hurting our economy or if the beauty deal is just too good to pass up. Just know that the hopes of these businesses in the beauty industry is to gain new long-lasting clientele from posting these deals and not someone looking for a quick hot deal never to be seen at their salon again. So, if you must use these deals, please use responsibly and do not forget to tip your service provider well!

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