What is the Beauty Within Movement?

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Answered by: Victoria Bustamante, An Expert in the Beauty - General Category

Think of the first time you fell in love….....the tickle of that “special feeling” that made you feel as if there were a large population of butterflies living inside your tummy! Remember…the feeling was enough to make your cheeks glow and add a kick to your step; noticeable and visible changes on the outside became apparent. Your overall appearance changed, and simply from the good feelings from the inside. People noticed too. “Hey, something’s different!” or, “You look like you are glowing!"

The Beauty Within Movement is comparable to falling in love; albeit this love is thy love of oneself. When you focus on taking care of what’s in the inside, the glow of good health is then visible on the outside. Important functions of the body, i.e., organs, blood, vital arteries, and much more all need to run smoothly and clearly in order for our body to perform at optimum performance so we feel and look our best. When everything runs smoothly in the inside then visible results on the outside i.e., namely - skin, hair and nails are reflected.

The heart of the matter is that all women are born with their own special brand of beauty. Realizing this and taking the time to embrace themselves is what the Beauty Within Movement stresses. Letting go of the wicked judgments a lot of us have buried inside about ourselves is crucial to moving forward. There is no room for negative talk in a Fashionista’s life! Stop paying attention to those belittling voices that are constantly comparing you to everyone else in our society. Embrace yourself - at every year of your life.


Once you’ve jumped on the Beauty Within Movement, every Fashionista needs a “Destination Salon” where she can rely on constant and up-to-date beauty treatments, a familiar stylist, make-up artist, etc. etc... A place where she can be pampered spoiled and treated like royalty. A day at a full service Destination Salon is like a holiday and every Fashionista should treat herself at least once (or every week!) to a top-notch salon, especially during the craze of the holidays, which will be here sooner than you may realize! Destination Salons provide everything a girl could ever need or want. You deserve a luxurious afternoon of making everything “all about you.” Finding a Destination Salon is a good idea for any serious fashion minded.

The Beauty Within Movement is a comprehensive study that provides beauty tips, techniques, and valuable information to help you achieve glowing, radiant, natural beauty from the inside out. Every woman is beautiful from the inside. The key to beauty is to fall in love with oneself and then to enhance the beauty on the outside - or not. You may just need a little lipstick. Just remember, true beauty from the inside is enhanced when you take care of yourself. Support the Beauty Within Movement right now. You will glow from the results! Happy New Year!

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