What are a few natural acne remedies that I can try at home?

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We all know that acne is annoying and it can leave behind marks and scars even after it's gone, but there are numerous natural acne remedies that you can do from home at little or no cost that can alleviate these problems. You can use products that may be already at your disposal or even aid your cause by changing certain habits.

Remedy #1 Get enough sleep

If you aren't getting enough sleep just know that sleep deprivation does have an effect on acne. Not getting the recommended amount of sleep throws off your body chemistry and hormones causing acne.

Also, try to avoid sleeping on your face and if you do make sure to wash your pillow case very frequently. The dirt and oil from your bed can clog your pores. Try to adjust to sleeping on your back or side.

Remedy #2 Eat right and exercise

Most of our diet consists of high fat, high starch, and processed foods. A good thing to do besides the obvious cutting down of fat, starch, and processed foods, is to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Drinking a large amount of water and cutting back on sugar helps too.

Studies also show that drinking cow's milk causes acne because it contains excessive amount of animal fat, cholesterol, and hormones.

Remedy#3 Fix other bad habits

Avoid smoking and sun-tanning because they allow accumulation to build up in your pores.

Avoid popping your pimples because it can spread bacteria and leave ugly scars.

Don't touch your face excessively or allow your hair to always be in your face, as these can transfer dirt and oil.

Try to choose makeup that is oil free and don't wear it everyday.Let your face breathe.

So, we've talked about habits that you can change. Now let's discuss natural acne remedies that you can do using household items.

Remedy #4 Oatmeal

Try fixing a bowl of oatmeal and adding a little honey to it. Then let it cool and apply it generously to your face. After it sits for 20 minutes, wash it off and your face should feel radiant and refreshed.

Remedy #5 Toothpaste

Apply toothpaste at bedtime to the affected areas. The paste will dry and with that the pimple will dry too. Just make sure you use a moisturizer afterwards and stay away from toothpastes with peroxide in them for whitening.

Remedy#6 Tea Tree oil

Tea Tree oil is a powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredient. It can help get rid of acne and acne scars because it promotes the regeneration of skin. Find a soap that includes tea tree oil and wash your face with it twice a day with warm water and pat dry.

Also tea tree oil mixed with 3 parts water can form a skin toner. It kills bacteria and helps to remove excess oil. Apply this mixture with cotton balls after you wash your face daily. If you have body acne you can add it to your bath and soak in it a few times a week.

These natural acne remedies are not guaranteed, but they are a start to living acne free and having the vibrant skin that you've always wanted.

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