my hair was always straight I didn't use any heat product but now since I cut my hair in Layers it curls what did I do wrong and how can I go back 2 my natural straight hair

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Answered by: Lacey, An Expert in the Beauty - General Category
If the stylist cut your hair using a razor (which is often meant to give the hair "texture"), you may want to go back and request that they re-cut your hair using scissors instead. When hair is cut with a razor it cuts the hair an an angle, which can often cause the hair to lay differently than it would with a blunt cut, made by scissors.

Also, you may want to consider clarifying your hair, by using any shampoo that contains sulfates. Most shampoos do, but there are also shamppos which are especially made to clarify. This shoudl remove any product buildup that is on the hair, causing it to revert back to its natural state. Afterwards, you should use a moisturizing treatment on the hair from the ears down.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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