How well does the sonicare clarisonic plus system work?

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There have been quite a number of ads and commercials for the Clarisonic face and body cleaning system. When I first received it as a gift, I was a bit reluctant to use it because of the price. This baby costs $225 plus tax and shipping. I read a bunch of good reviews on it, but still, my initial choice was to return it and use that money towards more makeup and beauty goods until I was bribed by my significant other to purchase more beauty goods for me if I would open the box (no joke—but I didn’t abuse it). No exaggeration here whatsoever, you can feel a cleaner face after one use. I did not believe, but we all know I have psoriasis so I feel the extra layer of skin and this baby took it all off! In addition to that, all makeup was removed with one shot. I really couldn’t believe it. It felt great after one use, I felt my face wash actually sink into my skin—a hundred times better than my Korean face sponge and I never thought that was possible!

I don’t actually use the body scrub head that comes with the Clarisonic Plus System, but my significant other does. He has a back-ne problem since he plays basketball and sweats all day. He is so in love with this baby after one use of the body scrub that he actually uses the face wash head as well. For those of you who know him, you know how lazy he is and for him to actually wash his face, it’s a damn miracle! This definitely explains a lot, especially because we can’t even wait for our second head to come in (a little nasty I know).

I cannot emphasize how well the Clarisonic Plus System works, you can read all the statistics here, but from personal use, I can tell you that it is worth the $225 plus tax and shipping and whatever. There’s a current promo going on when purchasing the machine, they will throw in a few face cleansers and body wash. I got a set myself but I have yet to try it because I wanted to finish up my all natural Ole Henriksen on the Go wash which is perfect for sensitive skin. I’ll definitely update again once I try the Clarisonic washes.

Aside from the Clarisonic Plus System that I have, there is the Classic at the price of $195 and the Mia that is a smaller size for $149. When you purchase two, you can save a bit more. I know the price will probably scare you away, but for a makeup lover, this is definitely worth the investment. You want to prevent all the makeup from eating into your skin which will only make your skin worse as you age. For women like me who have sensitive skin and psoriasis, this is definitely worth the investment. I don’t know how many different cleaning systems and face washes I have tried, this system works with practically any face wash. It definitely helps my medication and lotions sink into my skin better and there’s even a 30 day return if you don’t like it!

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