How can I make myself look slimmer and graceful?

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Sit up straight!

Not only will you look slimmer, but your back will benefit in the long run. Your spine and pelvis like to be positioned a certain way, and it’s bad enough that some of us have to either sit on our butts, or stand on our feet for hours during work. Sitting can be hard on our spines and pelvis so excellent posture can build up the muscles in your back and prevent future injuries.

You may not realize when you are sitting hunched over in your chair, how absurd you look! When people aren’t sitting up straight they look tired, bored, worn out, short, or just lazy. Sitting up straight gives the illusion that you’re taller than you really are. You can try this when you’re out with friends or at the office. Look around at everyone’s posture. Are they hunched over, or sitting up straight? Who looks better?

Then sit up straight yourself, put your shoulders back, and lift your chin a little to elongate your neck. You will realize that you’re head is higher than some of your taller friends, and that you even feel better, more regal. Ballerinas, belly dancers, and other performers always make sure that their posture is correct so they look graceful and elegant. A longer neck makes you look thinner and gets rid of a small double-chin!

Most women are of an average height of between 5’2” and 5’6”, so sitting in certain chairs for long periods of time may be uncomfortable. In my experience, most office chairs (that can’t be adjusted) and restaurant chairs are not made for women this short. It’s almost a stretch just for my feet to lay flat on the floor! So a good way of sitting up straight and being comfortable while sitting is to move all the way to the edge of the seat. My feet lay flat on the floor and take the pressure off of my back while maintaining proper posture! Make sure you can do all of this comfortably. You may have to get a box to prop your feet on so you don't put pressure on your legs while sitting.

Women (and men) used to take great pains to have perfect posture. Corsets weren’t just used to make the waist smaller, but to force one to sit up straight. The bones in the corset prevented any kind of slouching. Even children were made to wear corsets as a kind of training in good posture. Of course, they made women look slimmer and graceful, but it wasn't that good for their organs or their ribs.

After a while, your back may get tired or stiff from sitting up straight. Give your back a little break by getting up and walking around. Bend backward and forward slightly and from side to side to give yourself a little stretch, but don’t overdo it. You may also sit all the way back in your chair. Most office chairs are made to mold the contours of your back. Use it to give your back a rest, or as a reminder to sit up straight to look slimmer and graceful!

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